White Jasmine

White Jasmine


This beautiful opaque white glass vessel is lightly frosted, enabling the beautiful soft glow of candlelight to shine through.   


It measures 435 ml, or 14.7 fl. oz. (recommended fill 12 oz.) 4" tall and 3.56" across.  It comes with a beautiful wooden lid. 

(Laser etching or CNC carving COMING SOON).


Discount for cases of 48, single color only. Please contact us for orders over 2 cases as actual shipping prices are not displayed here.  


    This gorgeous collection is 435 ml, or 14.7 fl. oz.  It will comfortably hold 12oz of wax.

    They measure 4" tall and 3.56" across.  It comes with a beautiful wooden lid (coming soon...can be personalized with either our laser engraver or cnc cutter.)

    LIMIT 50 each, per color.



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