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Coconut Bowls

Coconut Bowls

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We are excited to offer you our all natural, eco-friendly Coconut Bowls. These are straight from nature and hand carved into shape from the shells of the coconut. All are unique in their own way and range in varying sizes and shapes.  These are rated safe for cold food (yogurt, ice cream, cereal etc). Hot food may crack them.  Not dishwasher safe, please wash by hand.  


*You may need to buff/sand the bottom a bit if they don't sit perfectly flat.


These are being sold in sets of 8 & 16 in small and large.


You will receive bowls in the approximate sizes of: 


Small = 3-4"d X 2-3" h

Large = 4-5"d X 2-3" h


Our all natural coconut bowls are carefully handcrafted so each may differ in appearance slightly & may have minor cosmetic defects that don't affect the functionality of the bowl. They are food safe and chemical-free but they CAN be flammable if they are not used properly.

*We highly recommend you seal all coconut & dough bowls with a flame retardant spray if you choose to use these for anything other than food or decoration. Heatherly Apothicaire, llc. is not responsible for any damage that comes from misuse of these bowls and are non-refundable.




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    Not only do we use all natural coconut wax in all of our luxury, highly fragrant candles but we are pleased to offer you another environmentally sustainable byproduct of this amazing "fruit".


    *Did you know that the coconut can technically be classified as a fruit, a nut AND a seed?  

    *Did you know that every year billions of coconuts are grown and harvested for milk, water, oil and flour?

    *Did you also know that 100% of the coconut can be utilized but that over 90% of coconut shells go to waste? 


    We, at Heatherly Apothicare, llc have teamed up with Vietnamese Artisans who lovingly handcraft & manufacture these eco-friendly bowls that are made 100% out of natural resources. Thanks to their local farmers, they are able to turn natural materials such as grass, coconut & bamboo into beautifully sustainable goods that are used all over the world.  We are so very proud to offer their products as we, too want to create more environmentally friendly products that will help reduce our carbon footprint as well as raise awareness about environmental protection. (Be sure to check out our environmentally sustainable, 100% biodegradable grass drinking straws).



    Short = 10-12d X 6-7h

    Short XL = 10-12d X 6.5 - 7.5h

    Tall = 13-15d X 6-7h

    Tall XL = 13-15d X 6.5 - 7.5h

    All natural coconut bowls are carefully handcrafted & each may differ in appearance slightly.  They may have minor cosmetic defects that dont affect the functionality of the bowl.  They are food safe but they can be flammable if not used properly.  Heatherly Apothicaire, llc is not responsible for any damage that comes from misuse of these bowls.



    All sales are final. Items are quality checked upon arrival to our location and we are not responsible for damages once the items have been shipped. If your package arrives damaged, we request that you notifiy us within 2 days of delivery. Please take pictures of the items as well as the box and include all 6 sides as well as the label.  Please also include photos of the packing materials and any other proof you think may support our claim.  If you do not follow these steps, we will not be responsible for reimbursement.


    SHIPPING RATES ARE ESTIMATED HIGH (as if its going the furthest destination away from MI). OVERAGES ABOVE $3 WILL BE REFUNDED.Items will be shipped within 3-5 business days. UPS rates reflect discount but it will change from order to order as it changes with the size and shape of the box(es) used. We will ship the cheapest option to you. While our preference is shipping through UPS, we will use USPS if we can get a better rate. Shipping is estimated only and it's our promise to you that WE WILL REFUND any overage of $3 or more.


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