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A story of growth

Meet Heather Leigh

Blooming Garden
Blooming Garden

Heather received her Massage Therapist and Aromatherapy certification in Michigan on December 19, 2003.  She gave birth to her son Ryan in January 2004, and began massaging in February that same year.  Her daughter Samantha was age 3 and both children kept her busy as over the next few years, she worked part time in several different clinics and spas.  She began working for New Beginnings Spa in Shelby Twp, and eventually took it over in 2007.  Two years later, she bought out the adjoining salon and that is how Samantha Ryan Salon & Spa was born.  Naming it after her children, Samantha Ryan was a 3400 sq ft entity featuring over 20 hair stylists, massage therapists, estheticians and nail technicians. 


Burning candles day after day in her massage practice, she began to realize how much of her profit went into purchasing them at retail. After taking a few classes and doing a LOT of research, she made her first all natural soy candles, packaged in simple, but plain, Mason and Ball jelly jars. That was where her love of candle making was born.  The candles were made from American farm grown soy,  which burned cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin candles.  They wowed everyone with their strong scent and amazing biodegradable properties.  

In 2012, she sold the salon to one of her hair stylists, and opened Samantha Ryan Wellness, a holistic practice featuring not only Massage and Aromatherapy, but Midwifery, Hypnotherapy, Water Birthing Classes and Essential Oils.


After a car accident forced her to retire from massaging, her continued love of Aromatherapy, Essential Oils and Candle Making remained constant.  Re-branding into Heatherly Apothicaire, LLC, in 2020, Heather added all natural creamy coconut wax to her product line, as well as luxury straight-sided glass candle jars for a sleeker look.  While moving in that direction did indeed make for a more upscale product, she was still searching for a way to make them stand out even more.  

Upon searching the web for luxury containers, she found that the MOQ (minimum order quantity) and costs were so high that the numbers didn't match up for a small scale candle shop like herself.  Reaching out to others in the candle community, they informed her that they too were in the same boat.  She decided to add a marketplace where unique, luxury candle vessels can be purchased without MOQ, at a reasonable price.  The best feature of her ordering platform is that you do not have to be a Chandler to purchase.  Heatherly Apothicaire is open to anyone who has a love for beautiful, elegant vessels and no minimum orders are required...ever!

Starting small, we are pleased to present to you THE LIBBEY COLLECTION & THE MAIDEN COLLECTION.  Both are sleek, elegant and fully reusable as they can easily be added as staple pieces to your home decor.

Coming in September 2020, we will have the ability to engrave and cnc cut your design onto the lids and glassware.  

In the works for Summer 2020, we will be adding Coconut Wax, Soy Wax and specialty Wax from Strahl & Pitsch, as well as Metal tins and coconut & dough bowls.

Stay tuned!

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