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Coconut Wax: 

Accu-Pure Coconut 83

COMING soon!


Accu-Pure #83 All Natural Coconut Container Blend is a container blend of predominately all natural organic coconut wax as well as soy and other natural vegetable waxes.  This is a true one-pour wax blend.  It has excellent color retention, jar adhesion, hot and cold scent throw, is clean burning & if poured correctly, this wax eliminates the dreaded "frosting" that most natural waxes give and gives beautifully smooth tops. The scent throw rivals that of paraffin, but in all natural form. No additives are required, but some choose to add beeswax, or all natural SP486/487 palm wax to harden it up a bit. This wax definitely needs a 2 week cure time for an outstanding knock your socks off scent throw, but can be burned at only 3 days cure with amazing results!  


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