Red Carnation

Red Carnation


Price is per-case & reflects bulk discount.

35.75 oz comes in cases of 4. All other sizes come in cases of 6. For individual jars, please contact us and we will gladly sell them individually retail price.


The majority of the vessel is colored a gorgeous cranberry with a clear base.  WE DO NOT CARRY LIDS FOR THESE.


Capstan Cylinder Bowl Vase= 35.75oz = H-4 1/2, D-5 1/8, holds approx. 29oz wax.  

Capstan Votive= 17.6oz = H4, B3 5/8, D4; holds approx. 15oz wax

All 17.6 oz jars come with 2 wood wicks already attached with wick stickers.  However, they are easily removeable.  The wood wicks work well with soy wax blends.

Heavy Base Finedge 918cd (slightly tapered at base)= 13oz=H4 1/4, T3 3/8, B3 1/8, D3 3/8; holds approx 11oz wax

Heavy Base Finedge 917cd (slightly tapered at base)= 11oz=H3 1/2 ,T3 1/4, B3 1/8, D3 1/4; holds approx 9oz wax

Capstan Votive= 6.7oz = H2 3/8, B2 7/8, D3 3/16; holds approx 4oz wax


With unrivaled clarity & a seamless finish, these Libbey jars have thick walls and a heavy base.  They come in 4 colors, Platinum chrome, Tiffany-style blue, Violet & Cranberry. These were a one-time bulk purchase, and when they are sold out, they will not be replaced.

The majority of the vessel is colored a gorgeous cranberry with a clear base.


DIMENSIONS: 4.5” Capstan Cylinder Vase= 35.75oz. H4 1/2, D5 1/84” Capstan Votive= 17.6oz H4 B3 5/8 D413.5oz Capstan Votive= 6.7oz H2 3/8 B2 7/8 D3 3/16

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    Official Libbey CAPSTAN "HEAVY BASE, OLD FASHION WHISKEY STYLE" jars in various different sizes. The majority of the vessel is colored a deep crimson red/cranberry with a clear base.


    All sales are final. Items are quality checked upon arrival to our location and we are not responsible for damages once the items have been shipped. We will definitely assist in making claims with the shipping company though.  Please take pictures of the damaged items and of the damage to the box itself, including all 6 sides as well of the shipping label.  Please include photos of the packing materials and any other proof you think may support our claim.  If you do not follow these steps, we will not be responsible for reimbursement.


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