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100% sustainable grass straws

100% sustainable grass straws


We are excited to offer you all natural, eco-friendly 100% sustainable disposable grass drinking straws. These are hand picked from the fields of Vietnam. Once harvested they are dried, baked, sterilized and packaged.  These are being sold in sets of 500, making them $.03 each!

Be the change this world needs to see! 






    Chemical free, all natural, biodegradable bag of grass straws.

    Standard size drinking straws = approx. 8" tall

    Keep stored in a cool, dark place.   Keeps for approx. 6-9 months if stayed dry.




    All sales are final. Items are quality checked upon arrival to our location and we are not responsible for damages once the items have been shipped. We will definitely assist in making claims with the shipping company though.  Please take pictures of the damaged items and of the damage to the box itself, including all 6 sides as well of the shipping label.  Please include photos of the packing materials and any other proof you think may support our claim.  If you do not follow these steps, we will not be responsible for reimbursement.


    SHIPPING RATES ARE ESTIMATED HIGH (as if its going the furthest destination away from MI). OVERAGES ABOVE $3 WILL BE REFUNDED.Items will be shipped within 3-5 business days. UPS rates reflect discount but it will change from order to order as it changes with the size and shape of the box(es) used. We will ship the cheapest option to you. While our preference is shipping through UPS, we will use USPS if we can get a better rate. Shipping is estimated only and it's our promise to you that WE WILL REFUND any overage of $3 or more.


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